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ING Trusts: How to Minimize State Income Taxes (Ep. 83)

ING Trusts: How to Minimize State Income Taxes (Ep. 83)

There is a wide disparity in tax rates between U.S. states. For example, the top tax rate in California is 13.3%, while South Dakota has 0% state tax on trusts!

However, if you live in a high-income-tax state, you can still benefit from lower tax rates without moving physically.

In this episode, Kyle Malmstrom, Managing Director, and Roby Kotcamp, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor, explain how to use an Incomplete Non-Grantor (ING) Trust to minimize state income taxes.

Kyle and Roby discuss:

  • Types of assets suitable for an ING Trust
  • The correct sequence of steps to ensure the ING Trust is set up properly
  • An example showcasing the practical application and scope of an ING Trust
  • Potential pitfalls of the ING Trust strategy
  • Alternative strategies for states where an ING Trust is not possible (E.g., California)
  • And more


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