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What Should You Do When Your Wealth Is Tied up in a Concentrated Stock Position? (Ep. 49)

If you’re the founder of a public company, a long-term employee with accumulated stock options, or an early investor in a highly successful company, it’s likely that you have a concentrated stock position.

So, what should you do when a major portion of your wealth is tied up in a single stock?

Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Chief Investment Officer, answer this question in today’s episode. They unpack strategies to help you minimize the downside risk exposure and large tax liabilities that come with a concentrated position.

Sean and David discusses:

  • How options and exchange funds help you diversify without having to sell your stock
  • Why leaving a concentrated stock position unattended can be risky
  • Creative gifting strategies to reduce your capital gains tax
  • How your level of concentration affects your wealth management decisions
  • And more

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