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Beyond Stocks and Bonds: Exploring Private Credit and Direct Lending With Philip Hasbrouck (Ep. 73)

High-interest rates have caused both stocks and bonds to perform poorly in recent months.

However, looking beyond stocks and bonds, private credit and direct lending have emerged as particularly attractive options for those seeking higher yields and lower volatility.

In this episode, Chris Osmond speaks with Philip Hasbrouck, Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Cliffwater’s asset management business. Together, they simplify private credit and direct lending, discussing their benefits, risks, and relevance in the current environment.

Chris and Philip discuss:

  • Cliffwater’s growth in the alternative investment space to over $10 billion in AUM
  • How private credit can serve as a hedge against rising interest rates
  • Key risks associated with direct lending (compared to traditional corporate bonds)
  • Interval Funds vs. BDCs(Business Development Companies) — what you need to know as an investor
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Philip Hasbrouck is the co-head of Cliffwater’s asset management business. In this role, Philip leads the firm’s asset management distribution efforts and is involved with product development and positioning, business development, and managing client relationships. Prior to joining Cliffwater in 2018, Philip held various positions with CAIS, TCW Group, and J.P. Morgan. He earned a BS in Commerce and Finance from Santa Clara University.

Using Private Credit to Hedge Against Rising Interest Rates With Christopher Long (Ep. 56)

As the Federal Reserve continues on its path of quantitative tightening, inflation and rising interest rates are a concern for many investors.

In this episode, Chris Osmond speaks with Christopher Long, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Palmer Square Capital Management LLC. They talk about current opportunities in private credit and how it helps investors hedge against rising interest rates (and potentially inflation).

Christopher discusses:

  • How the lines between public and private credit have started to blur
  • What are CLOs, how they work, and the value they add to your portfolio
  • Potential risks in private credit
  • The current and future outlook of private credit
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Chris Long founded Palmer Square Capital Management, an approximately $22.3 billion AUM asset manager focused on corporate and structured credit, in June 2009. Currently, he serves as Chairman, CEO and Portfolio Manager. Since inception, Chris has been successful in building one of the premier credit investment firms in the world with an enviable client list that includes not only large institutions and family offices, but also RIAs, bank/trust, and broker-dealers. Prior to starting Palmer Square, Chris built a deep investment background at some of the top financial firms in the world including Morgan Stanley, TH Lee Putnam Ventures, and JPMorgan & Co. Chris’ breadth of investment experience includes hedge fund investing, private equity / venture capital, and finally, investment banking.