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43. Articulate Your Vision With Lois Weinblatt

Entrepreneurs, are you struggling to articulate your vision in a way that resonates with every member of your company?

In this episode, Jonathan Freeman speaks with Lois Weinblatt, international vision coach, facilitator, and speaker at True North Visionaries. They break down the visioning process and help you find clarity, so that you can make better decisions, enroll your team to see where you are headed, and improve engagement across the organization. 

Lois discusses:

  • How to articulate your vision on an organizational level
  • The importance of vision in employee recruitment and client communications
  • Tips to keep your team aligned with your vision, especially in the virtual environment
  • Potential challenges during the visioning process — and how to overcome them
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Lois Weinblatt is an international vision coach, facilitator, and speaker at True North Visionaries. Lois founded True North Visionaries in 2013 to help visionary leaders and organizations around the world gain clarity and achieve success. Before starting True North Visionaries, Lois held many sales and business development roles spanning over six years.


41. How To Become a Master Business Leader With Mitch Simon

Whether you want to recruit the best talent, motivate your current team, or boost business performance, success boils down to one key element –– leadership.

In this episode, Jonathan Freeman speaks with Mitch Simon, the founder of Simon Leadership Alliance, and a master business and leadership coach. Jonathan and Mitch reveal their strategies to enhance your leadership skills, build a high-performing team, and accelerate your business growth.

Mitch discusses:

  • How to maintain a strong company culture in a virtual environment
  • Ways to encourage a collaborative team spirit within your organization
  • Why the workplace is the new frontier for personal development
  • The underrated benefits of hiring a professional leadership coach
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Through his team building retreats, results-focused workshops, executive coaching, and top ranked leadership program, Mitch Simon inspires executives, entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe to lead through their care. He proves that by focusing on both authenticity and full self-expression, even the newest leader can bypass the overwhelm and self doubt, and instead lead with a momentum that drives purposeful work and builds high-performing teams. Mitch has a J.D. MBA and has been an executive coach in San Diego for over 17 years.


Episode 30 – How Peer Advisory Groups Help You Learn From Fellow Business Leaders –– With Joe Phillips of The BEST CEO Group

When business leaders from different industries come together, it can lead to a diverse set of perspectives that challenge you to think differently, and help you make better decisions. 

In this episode, Derek Myron is joined by Joe Phillips, founder and chairman of The BEST CEO Group. With nearly 23 years of experience in running businesses all over the world, Joe shares how he coaches and mentors several CEOs to improve their leadership skills and business acumen through his highly exclusive peer advisory group.

You will learn:

  • What Joe’s three peer groups are all about – and how they serve CEOs and their key employees
  • How a diverse group of businesses can help you broaden your scope of knowledge
  • Why sharing your issues with fellow executives can be highly impactful
  • What differentiates The BEST CEO Group from other peer advisory groups
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how you can glean insights from fellow business leaders and enhance your leadership skills!

Resources: Centura Wealth Advisory: (858) 771-9500 | Derek Myron on LinkedIn | Joe Phillips on LinkedIn | The BEST CEO Group | Contact Joe Phillips at: Joe@thebestceogroup.com