Centura Client Experience from the View of a Lifelong Entrepreneur and Business Owner (Ep. 69)

After moving from China to the US in 1989 to pursue his Ph.D. in psychology at UCSD, Tony Chen transitioned from an academic in post-doctorate studies to business — becoming a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner.

Fast forward to 2019, when Tony considered exiting his business and became a client of Matt Griffith, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor at Centura Wealth Advisory (Centura).

In this episode, Matt interviews Tony about his experience as Centura’s client moving through the Liberated Wealth Process®.

Matt and Tony discuss:

  • Tony’s personal and professional background as a lifelong entrepreneur
  • What pre- and post-LOI planning looked like for Tony’s business sale
  • The importance of having a professional team in place
  • How Centura’s team guided Tony through wealth management (including alternative investments)
  • Tony’s advice for business owners contemplating a future business sale
  • And more


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