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Centura Client Experience from the View of a Lifelong Entrepreneur and Business Owner (Ep. 69)

After moving from China to the US in 1989 to pursue his Ph.D. in psychology at UCSD, Tony Chen transitioned from an academic in post-doctorate studies to business — becoming a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner.

Fast forward to 2019, when Tony considered exiting his business and became a client of Matt Griffith, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor at Centura Wealth Advisory (Centura).

In this episode, Matt interviews Tony about his experience as Centura’s client moving through the Liberated Wealth Process®.

Matt and Tony discuss:

  • Tony’s personal and professional background as a lifelong entrepreneur
  • What pre- and post-LOI planning looked like for Tony’s business sale
  • The importance of having a professional team in place
  • How Centura’s team guided Tony through wealth management (including alternative investments)
  • Tony’s advice for business owners contemplating a future business sale
  • And more


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The presented testimonial is from a current Centura client and is for informational purposes only. The statements provided should not be considered as a representation of all client experiences, which may differ substantially.

Opportunities in Private Equity With Jeremy Held of Bow River Capital (Ep. 63)

The recent market and economic downturn, combined with high inflation and looming interest rates, are forcing investors to consider alternative asset classes.

One such alternative asset class is private equity, which has become highly accessible to individual investors today.

In this episode, Chris Osmond, CFA, CAIA®, CFP®, speaks with Jeremy Held, Managing Director at Bow River Capital, about the benefits of including private equity in your portfolio.

Jeremy discusses:

  • How private equity differs from public equity
  • Why access to private equity is no longer limited to institutional investors
  • How the Bow River Evergreen Fund dispels common myths related to evergreen funds
  • The current and future scope of private equity
  • Centura Wealth Advisory’s comprehensive due diligence process
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Jeremy Held, CFA, is responsible for Bow River Capital’s registered asset management business including investment oversight, research and product development. Prior to joining Bow River Capital in 2019, Jeremy was the Director of Research and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at ALPS Advisors, a Denver-based asset manager that specializes in registered fund vehicles focused on real assets and alternative investments. Jeremy began his career at ALPS in 1996 and helped lead a variety of business initiatives over two decades, including the launch of the firm’s asset management business in 2007. As CIO, Jeremy was responsible for manager selection and oversight and was ultimately responsible for all aspects of the ALPS Advisors business, overseeing 44 registered investment companies and more than $20 billion in assets. 

Jeremy graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in International Business. He is a CFA® charter holder and a member of the CFA Society of Denver. Jeremy is on the board of Principal Real Estate Income Fund and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Applications of Structured Notes in the Current Market Environment (Ep. 58)

Both equity and bond markets have experienced a significant downturn in recent months. Will they bounce back up? Or will they continue to plummet?

No one knows. Amidst this uncertainty, structured notes can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

In this episode, Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Vice President, discuss how structured notes operate and their applications in the current market environment.

Sean and David discuss:

  • How structured notes can be customized to meet individual client needs
  • Creating downside protection without compromising upside potential using growth notes
  • How to make money in a down market using income notes
  • Tax implications of investing in structured notes
  • And more


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Using Private Credit to Hedge Against Rising Interest Rates With Christopher Long (Ep. 56)

As the Federal Reserve continues on its path of quantitative tightening, inflation and rising interest rates are a concern for many investors.

In this episode, Chris Osmond speaks with Christopher Long, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Palmer Square Capital Management LLC. They talk about current opportunities in private credit and how it helps investors hedge against rising interest rates (and potentially inflation).

Christopher discusses:

  • How the lines between public and private credit have started to blur
  • What are CLOs, how they work, and the value they add to your portfolio
  • Potential risks in private credit
  • The current and future outlook of private credit
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Chris Long founded Palmer Square Capital Management, an approximately $22.3 billion AUM asset manager focused on corporate and structured credit, in June 2009. Currently, he serves as Chairman, CEO and Portfolio Manager. Since inception, Chris has been successful in building one of the premier credit investment firms in the world with an enviable client list that includes not only large institutions and family offices, but also RIAs, bank/trust, and broker-dealers. Prior to starting Palmer Square, Chris built a deep investment background at some of the top financial firms in the world including Morgan Stanley, TH Lee Putnam Ventures, and JPMorgan & Co. Chris’ breadth of investment experience includes hedge fund investing, private equity / venture capital, and finally, investment banking.

The Client Experience at Centura Wealth Advisory With Our Client Tina Daniels (Ep. 55)

We started working with Tina Daniels’ family nearly 18 years ago for her grandmother’s estate. Then, we worked on her parents’ estate. As of today, we have been helping Tina manage her wealth for nearly 15 years.

In this episode, Derek Myron interviews Tina, the Managing Director of Agency & Brand Measurement Analytics at Google. Tina provides a glimpse into what it’s like to work with Centura Wealth Advisory (Centura) and how our Liberated Wealth® Process has helped her secure her financial future.

Tina discusses:

  • Why she doesn’t manage her own wealth, despite having a strong financial background
  • Her experience of working with multiple professionals on the Centura team
  • The biggest financial lessons she gained as our client
  • Her advice to other individuals who are in a similar financial position as hers
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Tina Daniels is a current client of Centura Wealth Advisory. Tina is a marketing industry leader – a digital veteran successfully driving internal and external corporate growth. She has designed and led innovative, multi-faceted engagements with Fortune 500 companies, developed online business and marketing strategies, created advertising campaigns and offered unique performance analyses. Tina’s experience spans agency, publisher, and technology companies, where she’s achieved success in both corporate and startup environments.

The presented testimonial is from a current Centura client and is for informational purposes only. The statements provided should not be considered as a representation of all client experiences, which may differ substantially.

Multifamily Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation With Paul Kaseburg (Ep. 54)

With inflation reaching 40-year highs, investors are eager to find investments to hedge against the decreasing value of their money.

In this episode, Chris Osmond speaks with Paul Kaseburg, Chief Investment Officer of MG Properties, about investment opportunities in the multifamily real estate market and how they help you cope with rising inflation rates.

Paul discusses:

  • How real estate in general responds to inflationary pressures
  • The advantages of multifamily over other types of real estate investments
  • Latest trends in cap rates and cost of debt that real estate investors should know about
  • How inflation is impacting the affordability gap between single-family homes and apartment renting
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Paul Kaseburg joined MG Properties in 2010 and is responsible for the firm’s acquisition, disposition, and capital markets activities. At MG, he has been involved with the purchase of approximately 18,000 units totaling $3 billion in total consideration. Paul has 17 years of experience in real estate private equity investment, capital markets, and corporate M&A. Prior to joining MG, he held various roles in commercial real estate debt and equity acquisitions, development, and financing. He has a background in corporate M&A and venture capital investing at Northrop Grumman (NOC). Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

How To Make Smarter Planning and Investment Decisions in a Rising Interest Rate Environment (Ep. 52)

Interest rates have been considerably lower than inflation for several months now. However, we have started experiencing a rise in interest rates.

During this transition period, as interest and inflation rates adjust over time, how can you strive for better risk-adjusted returns?

Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Vice President, answer this question in today’s episode! They explore financial planning and investment strategies to help you cope with rising interest rates.

Sean and David discusses:

  • Why interest rates are a key input into your planning and investment decisions
  • Potential impact of rising interest rates on the U.S. economy
  • How to minimize the risk of principal loss and reduced purchasing power
  • Four alternative investments to consider over traditional fixed income
  • And more


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