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“Above-the-Line” Financial Planning: How to Move the Needle on Your Wealth Management Services (Ep. 66)

At Centura, we divide financial planning services into two categories: 1) Steps that make your plan just “good enough” and 2) Steps that actually move the needle and make a measurable difference in your wealth.

In this episode, Derek Myron and Sean Clark unpack the four steps that fall “below-the-line” and three steps that fall “above-the-line” in financial planning. They further explain the impact that each step has on your financial plan.

Derek and Sean discuss:

  • What sets Centura Wealth Advisory’s Liberated Wealth® Process apart
  • The importance of adopting a forward-looking approach to tax planning
  • How Centura professionals collaborate with CPAs and estate planning attorneys to improve the client experience
  • How balance sheet optimization works (and why it matters)
  • And more

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Effective Tax Deferral Strategies for Real Estate Investors With Mark Kenny (Ep. 59)

Real estate investors often use a 1031 exchange to defer taxes.

However, a direct 1031 exchange is not possible if you want to transfer your real estate investment into publicly traded REIT shares.

In this episode, Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and Mark Kenny, Advanced Planner, discuss alternative tax deferral strategies using UPREITs and DownREITs.

Sean and Mark discuss:

  • A brief overview of 1031 exchanges
  • How UPREITs and DownREITs work — and the difference between them
  • How the team at Centura Wealth Advisory navigates these transactions
  • Liquidity, diversification, and wealth transfer benefits of UPREITs and DownREITs
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Mark Kenny is a Senior Wealth Planner at Centura Wealth Advisory. He provides advanced tax, estate, and wealth planning to high-net-worth clients. He has over 25 years of experience in estate planning, retirement planning, investments, business succession planning, and family wealth transfers. 

Applications of Structured Notes in the Current Market Environment (Ep. 58)

Both equity and bond markets have experienced a significant downturn in recent months. Will they bounce back up? Or will they continue to plummet?

No one knows. Amidst this uncertainty, structured notes can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

In this episode, Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Vice President, discuss how structured notes operate and their applications in the current market environment.

Sean and David discuss:

  • How structured notes can be customized to meet individual client needs
  • Creating downside protection without compromising upside potential using growth notes
  • How to make money in a down market using income notes
  • Tax implications of investing in structured notes
  • And more


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How To Make Smarter Planning and Investment Decisions in a Rising Interest Rate Environment (Ep. 52)

Interest rates have been considerably lower than inflation for several months now. However, we have started experiencing a rise in interest rates.

During this transition period, as interest and inflation rates adjust over time, how can you strive for better risk-adjusted returns?

Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Vice President, answer this question in today’s episode! They explore financial planning and investment strategies to help you cope with rising interest rates.

Sean and David discusses:

  • Why interest rates are a key input into your planning and investment decisions
  • Potential impact of rising interest rates on the U.S. economy
  • How to minimize the risk of principal loss and reduced purchasing power
  • Four alternative investments to consider over traditional fixed income
  • And more


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What Should You Do When Your Wealth Is Tied up in a Concentrated Stock Position? (Ep. 49)

If you’re the founder of a public company, a long-term employee with accumulated stock options, or an early investor in a highly successful company, it’s likely that you have a concentrated stock position.

So, what should you do when a major portion of your wealth is tied up in a single stock?

Sean Clark, Director of Financial Planning, and David Cariani, Chief Investment Officer, answer this question in today’s episode. They unpack strategies to help you minimize the downside risk exposure and large tax liabilities that come with a concentrated position.

Sean and David discusses:

  • How options and exchange funds help you diversify without having to sell your stock
  • Why leaving a concentrated stock position unattended can be risky
  • Creative gifting strategies to reduce your capital gains tax
  • How your level of concentration affects your wealth management decisions
  • And more

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34. Minimizing Taxes Through Cost Segregation With Isaac Downing

Are you aware of how cost segregation (Cost Seg) can minimize your taxes? It helps you reduce your tax liability by accelerating depreciation on real estate assets.

In this episode, Sean Clark, Director of Planning, interviews Isaac Downing, Regional Director at Capstan Tax Strategies, and an expert in the cost segregation landscape. Isaac explains how to understand the different components of cost segregation and discusses how you can implement it effectively to optimize your taxes.

Isaac discusses:

  • How to categorize assets into different buckets based on their depreciable lives
  • The ideal time to utilize cost segregation
  • Ways in which the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected cost segregation
  • What bonus depreciation is – and the associated tax benefits
  • And more

Connect With Isaac Downing:

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About Our Guest:

Over the last decade, Isaac Downing has played every role in the cost segregation industry – he’s been an engineer performing studies, an accountant reviewing studies, and a salesperson selling studies. A proud Marine, Isaac spent 4 years as a USMC Engineer, and then earned an additional degree in Accounting and Finance. After a stint managing over $3B worth of fixed assets for a luxury hotel REIT, he began performing cost segregation projects in-house. Now he’s bringing that wealth of experience – and the associated unique perspective — to Capstan Tax Strategies.

Episode 3 — Amp Up Your Financial Planning with CLATs (Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts)

While many are unfamiliar with Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts (CLATs), those who have heard of this financial tool typically see it as a means to fulfill their philanthropic or estate planning needs. 

But Centura Wealth Advisory sees CLATs as a tool that can offer so much more.

Today, Derek Myron joins Centura’s director of planning Sean Clark to explore the world of CLATs and the unique ways they are used at Centura to help clients also solve their income tax planning and retirement planning issues.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How CLATs are structured and how they work
  • The different kind of CLATs available and what they’re useful for
  • How Centura utilizes grantor CLATs
  • Examples of how CLATs have helped Centura clients realize their financial goals
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn all about CLATs and how they can help you liberate your wealth!

Resources:  Centura Wealth Advisory | Doing Good By Doing Well White Paper